Yoga, Meditation, Chanting and Vedanta by the Ocean in Crete

Yoga, Meditation, Chanting and Vedanta by the Ocean in Crete


Start time: Saturday 14:00 (15 September)
End time: Saturday 10:00 (22 September)


Merging the Vedic tradition with todays western lifestyle.
Sharing the practices and wisdom that brings your life into harmony and balance.
Join us by the ocean in sunny southern Crete for a more complete Yoga retreat with all the meaningful stuff included in a heartfelt and authentic way; Yoga, Meditation, Mantra Chanting, Vedanta, Puja, Fresh seasonal vegetarian food, Beachtime and more.

Rest, reflect, rejuvenate and get the full scope of the yoga teachings.

6.30 Puja, Yoga & Meditation
9.00 Breakfast
Free time – beach, hammock, massage or whatever you feel like
13.00 Lunch
13.50 Vedanta (50mins
Free time
17.00 Chanting (20 mins)
17.20 Yoga Workshop, other workshops or classes
19.00 Dinner
20.00 Evening activity (some nights only) ex. Kirtan, Marma points/massage, Fire on the beach, Moonlight walk…
The teachers – Sky, Malika & Sanna are devoted to a life of yoga as well as sharing from the heart what has served them in their lives. They are based in the Sama Yoga tradition as well as educated within other modalities like Ayurveda, Sanskrit, Reflexology, Marma points, Pilates, Qi Gong, Kirtan, Lifecoaching, Mala-making (indian necklace for mantra japa) and more.

Comfortably rested in the lineage of Swami Dayananda Saraswati they spend 6 months of the year in Bali studying daily with Swami Vagishananda Saraswati, and in Europe with their other dear teacher Radha.

The combined gifts of the teachers give a perfect situation in which you can relax and grow in a way that is comfortable to you.

Sky found yoga 28 years ago – first as a complement to skiing, and soon as way of life. He is the founder of Sama Yoga, and has been teaching re
treats and teacher trainings full time for the past 17 years. Sky is known for his intuitive and deep yoga classes, that meet people exactly where they are, sensing what is needed in order to find more balance, harmony, leisure and joy. His Sama Yoga classes are based on Hatha Yoga, but incorporate the knowledge of Ayurveda as well as Qi Gong, Pilates, Kundalini Yoga and other modalities.
Malika is a massage therapist and musician. She knows how to create magic with mantras and will lead us into a heartfelt & healing connection with our voices and the traditional ways of using mantra and chanting.
Sanna has found the purpose of her life in carrying on the vedantic tradition. She loves sharing the jewels of knowledge that have blessed her life beyond words. 20 years ago when she found Meditation and Yoga she had her first “feeling of coming home”, but it wasn’t until Vedanta entered her life that she found answers that satisfied on the most profound and fundamental level.
Sama Yoga – The practices and disciplines that bring us to harmony and balance in all aspects of life as well as understanding the choices that bring us equanimity. Sama Yoga is taught intuitively from the heart, it’s a practice that brings you back to yourself, to land in relaxation, trust and contentment with whatever your life brings. Sama Yoga brings balance and health physically, mentally and emotionally.


The vedantic teaching is a means of knowledge that acts like a mi
rror, so that you can see that you are full and complete the way you are, right here, right now. It shows how it is true that you are the source of all you seek, that you are the source of love, of happiness. This insight is the ultimate purpose of all yoga and will free your heart completely. This is called moksha.
To be able to understand this in a way that is real and true for ourselves, we need to be prepared mentally and emotionally. That’s where all the yogic disciplines are important. They give us relative harmony and balance in our lives, so that we can find that which is ananda – absolute wholeness – which is actually already You, right here, right now.


Chanting is an ancient practice which has a lot of benefits to offer. Mantra chanting helps to relax and focus the mind as well as absorbs, integrates, heals, transforms and invokes blessings and protection. We will enjoy devotional kirtan singing, as well as learn traditional vedic chants that you can bring with you home and use in your daily life. We will practice mantra meditation – Japa – which is considered one of the most powerful practices for gaining mastery over our mind.


Meditation helps us integrate the teachings. It relaxes the mind and lets us spend quality time inside – with myself and with the total – God”.


Through the puja, we express our gratitude and invoke help, guidance and blessings for the journey of life through prayers, mantras and offerings. It’s a devotional practice that helps us get in touch with our heart, free our heart from emotional & psychological suffering, find trust and feel connected to the universe and the beings around us, and to see the sacred beauty of our lives and ourselves.


the venue “Yoga Rocks” has won prices for being one of the most beautiful retreat venues in Europe. It has a stunning view of the ocean and close access to beautiful beaches with perfect swimming temperature. One one side is a “wild & naked beach” where you can spend time in solitude with the ocean. On the other side there are sun chairs and a couple of Cretian “Taverns”.

Prices are including food, accomodation & teaching
Earlybird (before Dec 31st) 750 EUR
After Dec 1st: 850 EUR
Single room: 250 EUR extra

Contact & signup:–meditation–chanting–vedanta–ocean–crete