Writers Retreat in Greece

Writers Retreat in Greece


Start time: Friday 09:00 (15 June)
End time: Friday 16:00 (22 June)


Come and join us on the Greek island filled with the muse of writers and the salty Aegean sea. Spend a week inspired by ancient tales, the hot winds of summer and the soul of poetry. This is the place to find your story, write your book and find a magical place of quiet to write.

​Writing coach and agent Sarah Bullen and international speaker and author Kate Emmerson join forces for another unforgettable summer writing retreat that will get your book on track.

Together we travel the journey of memory and writing.

All of the information and how to book you will find here

or email info@thewritingroom.co.za

Are you looking to write a NOVEL? We also have a Write a Novel Greece Retreat 24 June - 2 July 2018

The 2018 costs are:
From €1,497 early bird - ends 28 Feb 2018
From €1,697 full price

Deposit €300

The cost INCLUDES:
* 8 nights accommodation. All rooms are double, but not sharing. If you would like to share please enquire. You can extend your stay after the retreat for an extra cost per night.
* Transfers to and from the airport.
* A daily Greek breakfast.
* All materials for the workshop
* Five meals (dinner or lunch) eaten at local tavernas (drinks excluded)
* All snacks and materials during the workshop hours.

The costs EXCLUDES:
* Flights
* Your drinks at the group dinners
* Any extras you would like to add on like day trips or scooter / car hire or extra nights of accomodation.


​* What is your story? Let’s find it together.
* The basics of planning a compelling story
* How to define and create your most compelling book hook
* The key elements of structure
* Researching and remembering your life
* Finding a theme for your book
* Hooks, genre and message
* Including characters and events
* Limiting your time
* Handling point of view
* Working with dialogue
* Knowing what to include and exclude
* Adding depth and layers
* Sourcing tips and techniques
* How to present your book to agents and publishers
* How to make your book your brand.

The course is a combination of technical writing techniques, working through your blocks, finding ways to access your memories and plan your story.

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