Wellness 3 Days Long Weekend

Wellness 3 Days Long Weekend


Start time: Friday 16:30 (25 May)
End time: Monday 15:30 (28 May)


Wellness Retreat and Positive Motivation 3 Days Long Weekend

Imagine a day full of good thoughts and great things, a place of peace and serenity. Picture a day of bliss, on a cool green garden with lush greens, warm pool, birds chirping and mellow music. Think about a weekend of healthy food, healthy thoughts and motivation, calming exercises, relaxing full body massage, soothing music, quiet contemplation, new friends, closer relationship with yourself and nature and finally a time of meditation. Imagine no more! Come back to yourself and have a wellness retreat with positive motivation seminar with Certified Coaches Thalia Spanou and @
In a world full of stress and chaos this is the one you have been waiting for!
A one of kind experience you wouldn't want to miss!