Unincornflashmob Acharnes

Unincornflashmob Acharnes


Start time: Saturday 14:00 (30 September)
End time: Saturday 22:00 (30 September)


How can I join in?

1. get your ticket on www.unicornflashmob.com
2.The exact location is still a secret - We'll inform you about the exact location shortly before

To all of you, who love unicorns: watch out, the world's going crazy! There's a huge unicorn-themed flashmob being planned in multiple countries! More than 700,000 unicornfans all over the world will be involved in this incredible hommâge to our magical sparkly friends. On September the 30th you'll get the chance to team up with unicorn-lovers from all over the globe to create a magical event that has hardly been seen before in such a magnitude!