The Path of the Mystic 2017

The Path of the Mystic 2017


Start time: Sunday 20:00 (01 October)
End time: Sunday 06:00 (08 October)


Join us for our third Path of the Mystic Sacred Mystery School in Greece on the powerful island of Santorini this coming October 1-8th." rel="nofollow">" rel="nofollow">" rel="nofollow">


For the last 2 years, above the caldera of Santorini island in Greece, two wonderful group of people dived into a healing journey like the one I started 10 years ago. Not that I knew where it would lead me, neither did I know why I was doing it. But today I wouldn't be where I am without all these synchronicities that lead my soul into becoming and unfolding.

"The Path of the Mystic" has been one of the first journey I took on this Path of the Unknown. In October, we will initiate the third retreat once again on the beautiful and powerful island of Santorini. This isn't a retreat for everyone, it is beyond the level of intellectual understanding, and a deep commitment is required, if it is for you, or if you feel called in some ways, perhaps it is your time." rel="nofollow">


Astrea Sri Ana will share her 6 day Sacred Mystery School – Path of the Mystic, in a beautiful venue in the sacred island of Santorini, Greece.

The 6 days retreat includes 5 full days of activations, 1 day of introduction, home cooked lunch and 7 nights of shared accommodation* in the heart of Oia, Santorini.

During this intensive 5 day retreat you will receive the activation and repatterning of your Light Body, activations with Ascended Masters, journeys to key portals, light temples and sacred locations within our galaxy and other star systems to rebuild the energy body to its original blueprint, and retrieve and dissolve karmic contracts and memories. You will connect and merge with your multi-dimensional self, your Angelic Presence, Galactic Presence, Christed Planetary Presence and God Presence. Astrea will lead you through channeled activations, with Voice Transmissions of the Language of Light, repatterning your Bodies of Light with sacred geometry blueprints and holograms, while clearing deep and ancient Akashic Soul memories, releasing karmic patterns, recalling and restoring your divine gifts, activating your Keepership, Galactic Name & Soul Signature. You will receive a manual with a practical tool kit of etheric techniques and codes of sacred geometry as a regular practice and routine whose purpose has been specifically channeled and brought to earth for those who are high initiates, to ease their path of restoration and mastery and to give focus to the varying connections that are to be made with the higher levels of light and mastery of each initiate – and to hold the path steady, that you not be overwhelmed by the nature of the deep clearing and transformation that is asked of you.

There will be group gatherings in late afternoons with Astrea’s assistant, Jean-Manuel Nadeau who is gifted in his understanding of and ability to explain the processes involved, during lectures where questions may be answered.

Astrea is present for the activations and the light body repatterning and holds the field for the sacred mystery school. Jean-Manuel is available for questions, practical information regarding the retreat and as an intermediary between Astrea and the group.

We hold silence during the workshop, so that the deep nature of the transformation is not affected by chatter and to enable the high frequency to be held and sustained. Questions may be answered during the afternoon gatherings and lectures.
It is such a personal process, and you are allowed all assistance to surrender to the activations unaffected by and without the fear of comparisons with others … for the mastery of each participant is acknowledged … and need not be compared with that of another … for each is on a different stage of the journey … yet all are masters.

This sacred mystery school is for those who deeply feel within themselves the calling to retrieve parts of your multidimensional selves, move through leaps forward of akashic record memories of your soul and commit to your sacred path in this lifetime. This choice can have profound effects in healing the past and moving forward in your life. It is the beginning of a path of mastery that will take years to unfold. It takes serious commitment from each, as it is the journey of remembrance, healing and moving past limitations to access deeper knowledge of self, accessing layer upon layer of your dream consciousness, creating and manifesting the life of your highest inspiration. It is the Path of the Mystic. It is the Hero’s Journey.

* read practical information and accommodation details on website

Every lightworker is in the process of clearing karmic blockages and obstacles to empowerment, restoring and reclaiming their bodies of light, and living on earth as their divine selves.

The Path of the Mystic sacred mystery school training is a fast-tracking and acceleration of this deep restorative process.

• Is it your time to open your deepest heart to the divine one who is you?
• Is it time to heal ancient memories, ancient lives … allowing to be uncovered and to reclaim the divine one who is you?
• Even if you are confused and blocked … you “know” you have a sacred role in this lifetime.
5 day intensive retreat includes:
• Activations with Ascended Masters
• Sacred geometry
• Light body repatterning and restoration
• Voice transmissions of the language of light
• Deep clearing of ancient akashic soul memories
• Activation of life mission, Keepership, Galactic name
• Evening gathering with lectures, Q&A and sharing.
• Manual of daily tools and sacred geometry codes.

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