TAO of Horses - Alignment

TAO of Horses - Alignment


Start time: Friday 17:00 (18 May)
End time: Friday 08:00 (25 May)


6 day retreat in Greece
Friday 18th to Friday 25th of May 2018

TAO of Horses - Alignment

Judith Pijnenburg & Mattijs van Katwijk


Horses embody an intelligent power, balance and sensitivity. They go efficiently with the dynamics of life. Being in the present only, they speak body language. Horses invite us to manifest our intentions clearly, sensitive ánd strong.

The practice, meditations and wisdom of the Tao also teach us to be present and go about efficiently. It develops our consciousness of body and spirit, based on and inspired by nature.

Interaction with horses offers great opportunities to experience and deepen our Taoist training. Taoist practices, in turn, help in our play and communication with horses. By joining these two approaches we develop a free and dynamic connection with horses and with ourselves.

We offer an intensive program in which we combine Tao training and natural play with horses.
What we will do:
• Chi Kung; simple movement through which we consciously connect with our bodies, clearing us of tensions and optimizing our structure. This will help us be acutely aware of the signals we give and receive when dealing with horses.
• Exchange on the ancient Taoist philosophy that teaches us about harmonious living with nature.
• Insight into the natural world of horses; how they live and communicate, and what we may learn from this
• Experience being with horses in movement and stillness, individual and in the herd. We will work from the ground and on their backs.
• Investigate the language of body, energy and spirit in connection with horses.
• Develop our ability to be still and perceptive. In ourselves and in relation to horses.
• Walk with the horses in beautiful Greek nature.
• Dance and sing with the bonfire.

Location, horses:
This retreat will take place in the small bay of Katigiorgis, at the end of the road in Pilion. Pilion is a peninsula in the Aegean Sea, in a pristine Greek area halfway between Athens and Thessaloniki. In Greek mythology the peninsula is believed to be the summer residence of the Olympian Gods, and the place where Centaurs (half man, half horse) used to live. The peninsula is known for its small secluded coves, winding rocky paths and fields of knotty olive and fruit trees, bowery forests with conifers and chestnut trees and picturesque villages.
The herd we work with are located on a farm close to the bay. The herd consists of mares and stallions of the typical Greek Thessalian variety, some of which are crossed with the Arab breed. All horses are bred on the owner's farm and are thus related, making for a beautifully harmonious and natural herd.

The teachers:
Mattijs van Katwijk (www.StudioMENG.nl) has been a teacher of Taoist practices since 2004. He is devoted to the body-mind connection for personal development. His classes are both profound and easily accessibe, and offer an inspiring mix of knowledge, humor and creativity.
Judith Pijnenburg (www.EQUITOPIA.nl) – horse and man in freedom – has been with horses since she was 6 years old. She investigates their natural behaviour and how connecting with horses generates a mutual development. She increasingly integrates body awareness and self-realization into her work with horses. As a teacher she reveals the essence of horses for beginners and advanced students.

Date: Friday 18th to Friday 25th of May 2018
8 participants only!!
Registration required before the 31st of March.

Early birds before the 1st of March: €1325
€1425 - registration between 1st and 31st of March.
Price includes; food (3 meals a day in local restaurants), water and tea with meals, accomodation (double rooms), rent of horses, rent of facilities and shuttle to and from Volos bus station. The trip to Volos bus station is not included.

Language will be English.
(Early September we offer a similar program in the South of France, in Dutch.)

Information and registration:
Mattijs van Katwijk | mattijs@studiomeng.nl | +31 6 10 22 39 60
Judith Pijnenburg | judith@equitopia.nl | +31 6 19 83 66 83