SwimRun Hydra

SwimRun Hydra


Start time: Friday 12:00 (17 November)
End time: Sunday 23:00 (19 November)


TRIMORE team, that has organized a series of successful Premium Multisport Events, organizes in collaboration with the municipality of Hydra and “Hydra’s Nautical Club” the first SwimRun event in Greece, included in a three-day sport and cultural event.

Swimrun is a multiple-stage competition which involves participants running and swimming over a cross-country race course that involves many transitions between the swim and run stages of the race.

What defines a swimrun is that its always carried out outdoors and in water where the goal is to go from a starting point to a finish point through a course with at least 2 swim and run sections. All the equipment that a participant starts with has to be carried all the way to the finish line. Even though swimrun urges participants to use flotation equipment, equipment larger than 100×60 cm is not allowed.[9]

Because of safety measures a swimrun competition is usually carried out by teams but there are several races where you can race individually. There are three classes to compete in; either a men`s class, women`s class or a mixed gender class.