Spektrum AV+Act 01

Spektrum AV+Act 01


Start time: Friday 22:00 (23 March)
End time: Saturday 06:00 (24 March)


Spektrum Athens
Anaxagora 3, Athens


Friday 23 March 2018
Spektrum Athens at Romantso
Doors: 21:00 / open end

Event-Nights of SPEKTRUM stand for absolutely imaginative 'art+music'. Experiencing science and technology, we invite you to take a journey into the unconventional of Sound and Vision.

• AV performance
21:30 Timo Dufner - TRIBUTE TO DISTLER
22:00 Nikos Kyriazopoulos LIVE ELECTRONICS
22:30 Michela Pelusio - SPACETIME HELIX & Stratos Bichakis
23:00 Federico Foderaro - ANTROPHOCENE

00:00 Akis S [HYPERMEDIUM]

• Federico Foderaro - ANTROPHOCENE: Live audio-visual performance based on a high-intensity energy composition. The theme of the work is the influence of mankind on the planet since the industrial revolution. This performance has been recently awarded the jury prize of the "Anthropocene" contest organized by the Mutek festival. www.federicofoderaro.com/" rel="nofollow">https://www.federicofoderaro.com/

• Michela Pelusio - SPACETIME HELIX & Stratos Bichakis: SpaceTime Helix is a performance with a giant spinning standing wave in a white string, forming a large helicoid up to the ceiling. This work explores helical symmetries and infinity, frequencies and geometry, elementary particles and quantum physics, sonic visions and perceptions. Both artists are tuning the sound live interacting with the helix's behaviors controlled with a custom-made console. http://maakali.org/SpaceTimeHelix/

• Nikos Kyriazopoulos - PERFORMANCE ON LIVE ELECTRONICS: This live-act on modular synthesizer touches a wide range of interests, from the resonance of human invention to the sound of a natural landscape. Using drone and meditative hypnotic atmospheres, the music engages an introspective and intense bodily immersion into vibrations. https://soundcloud.com/nikoskyriazopoulos

• Timo Dufner - TRIBUTE TO DISTLER: Timo Dufner applies a computational model used in statistics to simulate a decision-making engine and generate live animations while manipulating sound. A powerful neural network algorithm is performing, in the computational domain, logical structures that simulate biological neurons of the human brain. These digital simulations are processing real data coming from the records of a medical archive of a doctor (Distler). With annotations, images, and sound, this material is mapped into the source feeding a smart system of visuals+music. http://timodufner.com/


• BONEBROKK [TRIAL&ERROR] https://soundcloud.com/bonebrokk


• Federico Foderaro is an audio-visual Berlin-based artist, media technologist, and Max/MSP, teacher. During the studies he started developing a fascination for audiovisual art and the link between art and technology, going deeper into those topics. He teaches the Max/MSP software in workshops, private lessons, and university courses, besides a collection of publicly available video and written tutorials that can be found on his website.


• Michela Pelusio is Italian artist, based in Athens. She has done installations and performances worldwide. She creates immersive experiences using space, light, matter, and sound, producing a feeling of being present in an environment, which is magic and non-recordable. Her research involves the exploration of human perception, natural phenomena, art, and science. Michela has a Master in ArtScience from the Interfaculty of ArtScience (KABK, KONCON) in The Hague, and in Sculpture from the Academy of Fine Art of Carrara, Italy.


• Stratos Bichakis is a media technologist and composer based in Athens. In his work he explores themes like chaos and synchronicity, biomimicry and network theory, merging digital and analog aesthetics. Along with his practice as an audiovisual performance artist, he works as a developer for dreadbox synthesizers. He has presented his work at festivals and exhibitions in Greece, Europe, Russia and Canada. He was a member of MusicMakers Hacklab of CTM and ICAS festivals. His tape compilation “Greek Ethno Music Location Recordings” was released by V I S (D

• Nikos Kyriazopoulos is a composer and instrument builder. Since 2006 he has been dedicated to the design and the construction of his very own analog electronic instruments. He has collaborated with various noise and experimental artists in Greece and abroad.

• Timo Dufner is a musician, visual artist and in the field of media and information technology. As a VJ, he performs as an Audio and Video Live Act while he is also part of various production teams in electronic music. The main focus of his work lies in the exploitation of software failures, so-called glitches, real-time processing, live coding, machine learning/AI as well as the direct interaction of sound and image.


• Akis S is one of the founders (along with Timos Alexandropoulos) of Hypermedium, a label dedicated to forward-thinking electronic music which since its launch in 2015, it has amassed a surprisingly diverse roster of artists such as rave deconstructionists EVOL, Athenian rhythmologist No God Ritual, Berliner concretist Patiño, Mexican skilled beat-maker Siete Catorce, Durban-based gqom crew Audioboyz and Italian post-ravers Dave Saved and NPLGNN. Hypermedium is also the name of a club night featuring local and foreign DJs and a monthly radio show on London’s Radar Radio.


• Bonebrokk is the personal project of Marios Naris, a sound artist based in Athens, Greece. He is responsible for Trial & Error, a platform/label/club night he's been running for the past two years. With four releases under his name already, he creates and plays raw, energetic club music, taking equal influence from techno, house and UK sound system music. His next release, a hot vinyl four tracker, is called "Hollow Systems" 2017 by Trial & Error.

about SPEKTRUM | art science community

SPEKTRUM is an initiative of convergence for cultural communities and transdisciplinary groups emerging and operating in and off Athens. The project aims to bring confrontation, open knowledge and a platform for idealization, realization, and presentation of technology-based artworks, science-focused events and futuristic utopias based on the principle “do-it-together-with-others”. Above all, we are an open organization promoting participatory processes to co-define and co-design a social and physical playground for curiosity and critical understanding.