Soc's Rocks 2017

Soc"s Rocks 2017


Start time: Saturday 20:00 (16 September)
End time: Friday 02:00 (22 September)


Soc's Rocks 2017 in association with Rockers Reunited, Courtyard Bar, Socrates Bar and Lindos Athena hotel. A week of Live music .. Bands confirmed so far are AC/DC Uk, Dizzy Lizzy, Surreal Panther, Guns 2 Roses and Jon Casey Blues Band 16th September 2017 until 23rd September 2017.

Upcoming events at Lindos, Rhodos

Greek Island Yoga Holidays 2017

Greek Island Yoga Holidays 2017

Saturday 15:10 (30 September)
Lindos, Rhodos, Líndos