Rituals in Transformation

Rituals in Transformation


Start time: Friday 12:00 (29 June)
End time: Friday 15:00 (06 July)


A Transformative group retreat
Embark on a journey of physical, mental and spiritual self-discovery in an intoxicating locale neatly tucked away on Greece’s Peloponnesian coast. Join us for 7-day retreats aimed at personal transformation and renewal. Use the ancient study and practice of yoga to open and strengthen your physical body, and then dive deep into your psyche using meditation, energy work and group ritual practices.

With the stunning backdrop of ancient majestic mountains cascading into the gorgeous Agean Sea, explore yoga, meditation and ritual, and discover physical and energetic renewal while awakening your authentic self. From the moment you arrive, Kathy and Shari will take you on a transformative process in the safety of our sacred space to unearth your true essence. You will transcend boundaries, recharge your spirit and forge new friendships. An open heart and new connection to self will be the souvenir of this most extraordinary vacation.

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Rituals in Transformation

Rituals in Transformation

Friday 12:00 (22 June)
Monemvasía, Greece, Monemvasía