Radiant Health Retreat 2018

Radiant Health Retreat 2018


Start time: Sunday 07:00 (20 May)
End time: Saturday 13:00 (26 May)


Radically Transform Your Habits and Life in only 7-Days
With Bet Diening-Weatherston

Clear out and heal from past emotional, physical and mental pains and transform your life! Radiant Health Retreat, in Corfu, Greece is a program that asks each of us to discover and clear unhealthy habits and behaviours we unwittingly do.

Register here https://www.thejourney.com/events/2018-07/radiant-health-retreat-corfu-greece-20-26-may-2018/

During the 7-days retreat you’ll feast on healthy food and have plenty of exercise, but, more importantly, you’ll undergo Journey processing to banish deep-seated, unhealthy behaviours and learn ways to create lasting change. Important: This retreat is for everyone who wants to honour their body, mind and being and live a happy and joyous life.