Off borders festival

Off borders festival


Start time: Saturday 02:00 (21 April)
End time: Sunday 00:00 (22 April)


Off borders

​This initiative investigates new ideas in the field of sound, visual and performance art. Off borders festival, intends to provoke conversations into the intercultural coexistence among the dipole artists & audience.

Wondering where the periphery starts and where the center, strong proponent of DIY culture (do it yourself), we aspire to create another node in the world DIY network and develop communication channels having intercultural exchange as their main goal.

Our goal is the integration of the periphery into within the internationalization process of contemporary art. Sounds, Pictures and Movements create a meeting point in Greece, disseminating frequencies across Europe and nearby countries.

bridging the gap


The off borders Festival wants to establish itself as an out of bounds 2- day event at the city of Thessaloniki. This year we aim to young artists from Iran, Germany and Greece, whose works focus on investigating new ideas, consider risk as an inherent aspect of their work. Unlike other festivals, off borders is particularly interested of participants-driven projects focusing at the fields of:

Electronic Music/Sound Art

Video Art

Performance Art