Mykonos Detox

Mykonos Detox


Start time: Wednesday 17:00 (19 September)
End time: Thursday 20:00 (27 September)


, Mýkonos



• Detox stay 3 day juice cleanse mid-stay

• Gourmet raw food and superfoods diet

• Raw Food demos of our own professional chef

• Detox teaching + food demos

• Yoga and yoga philosophy

• Manifestation / Law of Attraction

• Breathing techniques and relaxation

• Sand Beaches and tours

• Opportunities for coaching and treatments

• Highly knowledgeable instructors - Pia Meliane and Tah Riq Amawi


We have the pleasure to invite you to the beautiful Mykonos, where you can give your body a break and a fresh start. Azure seas, white cliffs and the signature smooth-stone, white houses and cobblestone streets, characteristic of Mykonos. Over a period of these days we shall go through a carefully formulated detox of the body with raw food, plant-based pure food, yoga and mental training. Our bodies will also be enjoying a 3 day green juice cleanse. This is a retreat focusing on detox, vitality, nutrition, yoga, silence and mindfulness. You have the option to join yoga and meditation classes every day as well as ample time to rest on the beach, go hiking, take part in inspiring workshops and courses and more. We hold during the retreat workshops; detox protocols, yoga and yoga philosophy, nutrition education with raw food demos of a talented raw food chef, courses in breathing techniques and relaxation, manifestation, Law of Attraction, psycho-emotional reprogramming and goal setting.

Why should I detox?

In our modern society, we get an overload of toxins and loads of time doing damage to the body. Western living proves to be among the world's top ranking when it comes to introducing harmful chemicals to the body. This then leads to a variety of health problems and the breakdown of a fit and healthy body we know and love. When you give your body a break from the stresses and fill up with vital, clean food and drinks that are carefully selected due to their high nutritional content, this gives your body a boost and the opportunity to come back to balance again. Have you had a period with a lot of bad habits, stress, imbalance in your diet and know that now is the time to take better care of yourself? This is the trip for you. This is the retreat where you get more energy, vitality and feel rejuvenated and renewed. This journey is for those who need a new clean start and a new outlook. Benefits of a gentle detox are multifold. Many participants experience weight loss, less pain in the body - especially in the stomach and in the muscles and joints, better health, more energy, clearer skin, a push in the right direction mentally and a generally improved sense of self. Go on vacation and come back as a better version of you - lighter, brighter and happier.

The food

The at this retreat are based on pure plant foods, raw food principles and superfoods. All the food is gluten-free and plant based, no animal products, therefore no lactose either. Our nutrition is free from soy, corn, gluten, dairy products, peanuts, sugar, meat, eggs and other processed foods. We have our own raw food chef with us serving us homemade delicacies. There are also arranged demos from the food being served, so you will gain insight into how to make food like this yourself.

3 of the days shall be pure, green juice fasting. It takes three days of fasting for the immune system to experience a boost and a restart. You will feel it in both your body and mind how one such diet profoundly affects how you function.

The journey in brief

You will be picked up when you land at the airport in Athens and together we take a beautiful boat ride out to Mykonos. During our stay, we were staying at the beautiful villa Melmastia overlooking the Aegean Sea. The first day we start the diet consisting of freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, fresh salads, delicious vegetables and other fresh food as well as some amazing molecular gastronomy getting lighter as the week progresses. We then treat our bodies to a 3 day juice feast and fast of cold-pressed juices, before beginning to introduce wonderful food back into the program.

We also begin moving the body from the first morning. Whether you are a beginner or experienced in yoga, the classes are tailored to your level. There are also other movement workshops designed to move you out of your mind and into your body. You will also get a careful review of nutrition and detox, living clean and mindfulness. We will go through good tips and tricks that you can also use when you return home to carry this new health with you into your life. We are also going through an amazing seminar-workshop about how manifestation works in detail and creating the life you really want to live, including psycho-emotional reprogramming and removing old limiting beliefs as well as mapping out exactly what you do and don’t want in life and creating the habits to get us there. You then return home renewed both inside and outside after this boutique immersion! You may freely forward to join in as much of the program as you wish. It also set up the time to rest, time alone and treatments.

Instructors on the trip

In Pia's classes you get tuition; detox, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, yoga-philosophy, nutrition, raw food, super food, juicing and detox techniques. Pia is an educated yoga, meditation and detox coach and also has a background as a skin, body and spa therapist. Pia has lived in Bali on and off for over 12 years and it is here too she has undergone much study herself and developed her meditation as well as her unique blend of Hatha and Kundalini yoga practice. Over the years, she has met teachers in different Eastern philosophies and traditions, which are conveyed and imbued into her classes. Her current passion is diving even deeper into the world of detox coaching.

Tah Riq is a unique facilitator with a diverse set of skills - a gifted speaker, writer, musician, life coach and student of movement. He has spoken around the world at TEDx, the Stockholm School of Economics, and key international festivals. He as awarded a scholarship for classical guitar at the Royal College of Music in London and after winning international spoken word and poetry competitions now sits on the panel of judges. During this retreat he holds 2 meticulously crafted workshops called ‘Reality Creationeering’ which are all about how as human beings we architect our reality through our spoken words, unspoken thoughts and emotions. Explore what your true goals are and discover what has been blocking you from achieving them in how you think, speak and feel. Tah Riq also hosts movement workshops during this retreat called Animal Movement which are a lot of fun and ‘prehab’ the body against injury. Release of limiting ideas, inhibitions, being too much in the mind are often some of participants' big surprise in these classes. All movements and techniques are adjusted to the level you are at and require no prior fitness .

Different accommodation options during your stay

We have 3 different accommodation options during this trip.

1. Shared room, you share rooms with 1 to 2 others and must also share a bathroom with other participants (included in the price)

2. own room but shared bathroom with other participants (additional cost)

3. En-suite room and private bathroom (additional cost)

We look forward to welcoming you in person and for you to first-hand, experience Helenika.