Masstrplan 2018 Summer School

Masstrplan 2018 Summer School


Start time: Monday 19:00 (17 September)
End time: Saturday 22:00 (22 September)


This Summer School will provide leading young scientists and researchers with an understanding of the roles of modern technologies in identifying oxidative changes to biomolecules and enabling our understanding of cellular redox signalling processes, which are important emerging areas of biochemistry and biomedical science. The course will focus on the huge improvements in omics technologies in recent years and how they underpin functional understanding of redox biology. Topics to be covered in lectures, presentations and discussions include: alterations that redox processes make to biomolecules and the principles of redox regulation; novel methods to identifying oxidative modifications to biomolecules and their functional consequences, including genomic, metabolomic, lipidomic and proteomic approaches. Participants will have the opportunity to interact frequently in a relaxed setting with prominent senior scientists in the field from Europe and the US, and to present and discuss their results in poster sessions and oral presentations. In addition to scientific sessions, the course will also inform the young researchers about the scientific framework in Europe and cover principles of equality and diversity.

Registration opens December 2017