Kundalini Yoga Week in Sifnos with Lynn

Kundalini Yoga Week in Sifnos with Lynn


Start time: Saturday 13:00 (16 June)
End time: Friday 16:00 (22 June)



Lynn Roulo is an American Kundalini Yoga & Enneagram instructor living in Athens. We love how she teaches a unique combination of the 2 systems, combining the physical benefits of Kundalini Yoga and the psychological growth tools of the Enneagram.

Kundalini Yoga, also called the Yoga of Awareness, focuses on the creative potential of human beings and aims at awakening our energy mainly through physical exercices and Pranayama, the work on breathing. It is a gentle, powerful yoga that can be practiced by people of all physical abilities.

Kundalini Yoga involves of course the practice of meditation and asanas, but the main attention is to the breath and how it can transform body and mind disposition. You will be amazed by its power and how it helps dealing with emotional state, feeling incredibly relaxed and renewed after the class, we promise!

The Plan

Welcoming you for a 7 days / 6 nights in Platis Yalos, one of the nicest bay of Sifnos island, at the Alexandros Hotel. Sharing a room with a friend or in the comfort of your own single – A beautiful seaside set up a traditional Greek style, facing the Bay and 5 minutes walk from our Yoga Shala. All is set for you to be as happy as can be.

- 2 daily Kundalini Yoga practices with Lynn – Staged in the beautiful Yoga space of the Verina Hotel, fully equipped and nicely nestled under the olive trees

- All your breakfasts at the Alexandros Hotel

- 3 dinners in various of our favorite Sifnos spots

- 1 ceramic class, where you can learn to make your own bowls, plates and cups
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