Karnavali Xanthis - Athens, Greece

Karnavali Xanthis - Athens, Greece


Start time: Tuesday 00:00 (06 February)
End time: Monday 12:00 (19 February)


Who wants to attend the Athens Carnival this carnival season?
Interested people can drop their mobile numbers.
If you have any query , please feel free to ask!
Call: +91-7986909884, +91-9041685192.

Carnival season is here and there has never been a better chance to travel to Europe. So pack your bags and get ready for an exciting trip to Europe with ESIS International.

Imagine one of the biggest street parties you've ever seen. It's a time when people of all ages can take a break from their everyday, dress up in full costume and dance in the street! This is carnival in Greece!
The word apokries literally means 'no more meat' (αποχή από κρέας – apo-kreas) and is the term that is used to describe carnival in Greece. Although today the period of apokries is associated with the Orthodox traditions of a three week preparation period before the 40 day lenten fast which precedes Easter, many traditions around Greece have their roots in ancient times. In Ancient Greece there were celebrations at this time of year to commemorate the end of winter and the coming of spring which were associated with the worship of Dionysos, the God of Wine and Feast.
Greece Carnival Dates
Triodon : January 28, 2018
Burnt Thursday : February 8, 2018
Tsiknopempti Weekend : February 9, 2018 – February 11, 2018
Cheesefare Thursday : February 15, 2018
Main Carnival Weekend : February 16, 2018 – February 18, 2018
Clean Monday : February 19, 2018