Greece .North Pindos Trekking 19-27/8/2017

Greece .North Pindos Trekking 19-27/8/2017


Start time: Saturday 14:30 (19 August)
End time: Sunday 17:00 (27 August)


North Pindos Trekking 19-27/8/2017

Our well-established North Pindos Trekking in August has been institutionalised.
For a 6th consecutive year, we will start this unique Trekking at the magnificent mountains of Epirus.
Come with us to lead you to the discovery of… bridges, rivers, paths, forests, friendly people and culture… in the heart of Pindos!
Mourgana – Makrikampos – Nemertska – Kamenik – Grammos – Arenes – Smolikas are waiting for us
Tracers… let’s trek together!
Our detailed program
1st day.Saturday 19th August
The team will meet is at the central bus station (KTEL) of Ioannina at 14:30.
A mini-bus will pick us and transfer us to the village of Lias. It is located in the northeast area of Thesprotia prefecture, at the bottom of Mourgana (1806m), where there will be our rooms.
The village is built at 640m height and was unknown to most of the people until recently. It became known thanks to the book ‘Eleni’ of the author Nikos Gkatzogiannis.
We will have dinner and a review/briefing for the following days trekking.

2nd day
Sunday 20th august
We start this amazing trekking by ascending to Mourgana (1806m)
It is an impressive route starting from a deserted military outpost, above the village of Lias at the borders of Greece with Albania.
Reaching the summit we shall be able to clearly see the valley of Drokopolis, Memertska, Keravnia and Filiatos mountains, the golf of Igoumenitsa and the island of Corfu. An authentic Thesprotian route in a mountain full of history, where evidence of the civil war is still fresh.
Our descent will be at the Sait Marina side, from Pogonio.
7-8 hour of trekking

We will be transferred to Delvinaki village for our overnight stay. We will have dinner in the village.

3rd day.Monday 21st August
We will be transferred to the village Oreino (841m). We will cross the Makrikampo (1671m), known as Mpozovou also, and then descend to the village of Drimades. The village is built at 1040m at the side of Dousko mountain. It is one of the most alpine villages of Ioannina prefecture.
There, we will meet our camping station with our tents. Cooked food shall be ready by TraceYourEco’s supporting team.
7-8 hours trekking

4th day.Tuesday 22nd August
We will start from Drimades (1040m) and get into a path in order to cross Nemertska. We will walk on the top of the long and impressive mountain line of the borders of Greece with Albania, north of Popogio. The highest summit called Strakavetsi or Papiggi, (2486m) is inside the territory of Albania. The highest summit on the Greek side is called Meropi at 2100m.
The scenery throughout the day will be magnificent, being able to see Gamilla – Smolikas and Grammos mountains!
Our descent will lead to the small village of Pogoniskos (850m) at the lower part of Nemertska. In a small valley, out bus will be waiting for us.
We will be transferred to the village of Amarantos at 1260m, close to the borderline, where we will relax in steam baths!!!
We shall have then our dinner and our overnight stay in the village.
10 hours of trekking

5th day.Wednesday 23rd August
We will ascend to the legendary Kamenik (2040m) and to Golio (1919m). The summits are known from the civil war. We then descent to the village Asimochori (970m), one of the best-preserved village with stone built houses. In the area, there are plenty of mountain oaks and there are two small streams of the river Sarantaporo, called Big(Megalos) and Small(Mikros) Lakos.
The most part of our trekking will be in a forest full of beech!

We will be transferred to the village Plikati (1240m) for our overnight stay and dinner.
7-8 hours of trekking.

6th day .Thursday 24th August
After out breakfast, we will start early morning to trek from Plikati (1240m) to the mountain of Grammos and summits of Mavri Petra (2431m), Tsuka Petsik (2521), Perifano (2444m), Gesios (2163). This is a unique route where we will enjoy the view of high summits!
We then descent and stay overnight a the mountaineering refuge of Aetomilitsa(1500m). We will have dinner in the village.
10 hours of trekking

7th day .Friday 25th August
Today we move from Aetomilitsa (1500m) to Pano Arenes (2196m), then to the lake of Moutsallia (1691m) and Peftkofyto (977m).
A gorgeous route in the forest of beech trees, on old paths with a long history during the civil war, rich in plants and bushes!!
We will be transferred then to the village of Agia Paraskevi, which is built on the north-west side of Smolikas mountain, at 970m. An authentic village of craftsmen and cultural heritage.
We will stay overnight and have our dinner too.
8-9hours of trekking

8th day.Saturday 26th August
We will start from Agia Paraskevi (970m) and ascent to Drakolimni (Dragon-lake, 2200m) and to the summit of Smolikas (2637m). By then, we will be in the heart of Pindos, with an amazing crossing waiting ahead of us. Passing through forests of pine and beech trees, getting to alpine landscape with lots of robola trees (rare pine species), we will arrive at Drakolimni and then to the summit. From there we will have a great view of several other summits of Pindos!
We will descent to the mountaineering refuge of Palioseli (1750m) for our overnight stay and dinner.
9 hours of trekking

9th day.Sunday 27th August
We descent to the village of Palioseli(1080m) where we will complete our unique trekking experience.
2 hours of trekking.
We shall have a farewell meal in the square of the village.
We will be transferred by the minibus to the bus station (KTEL) of Ioannina.

This is the end of the program.
The cost of participation is 450 euro per person and includes:

1] 5 overnight stays in guest houses with breakfast.
2] 2 overnight stays in mountaineering refuge with breakfast.
3] 1 overnight stay in camping tents in the village of Drimades (setting tents and dinner)
4] The local transport as described above in the program
5] The organisation for the overnight stay in camping tents for a night by TraceYourEco supporting team[setting of tents – dinner – water – breakfast – snack for the next day trek]
6] A car moving supporting team for the transfer of our additional luggage from one overnight place to the other. [ In case someone would like to have a day rest there will be the option to be transferred by the supporting car to the next place and wait for the team.]
7] 2 experienced mountain escorting guides, with great experience and knowledge of the trekking areas.
8] The coordination, the organising and the support by TraceYourEco.
9] 1 meal at the camping at Drimades village on Monday 21th August
10] 1 meal in the mountaineering refuge of Palioseli, on Saturday night 26th August
11] Photo coverage of the trip.
Necessary equipment for the Trekking

1) Hiking boots
2) Clothing for summer trekking, breathable shirts and T-Shirts, hiking socks, pants (preferably convertible), windproof/rain jacket, hat/sunglasses (and suncream), additional clothing.
3) A 20-30 litre backpack for the daily trekking and a bigger bag for the rest of your clothing, which will be carried by the supporting vehicle.
4) A one or two-person waterproof (needed in case of unpredicted weather conditions) tent for the overnight camping on the third day. [Note: whoever may not have a tent must inform us well in advanve]
5) Sleeping bag and mat
6) Trekking poles
7) Water bottle minimum 2 litre
8) Head light
9) A secondary pair of trekking shoes, for backup.
10) Miscellaneous snacks like energy bars, dried seeds/fruits etc.
Register your participation until 25th of July!

Your participation is guaranteed with the upfront payment of the half of the total cost. The remaining half will be paid at the meeting point of our first day, prior the trekking commencing.
In case of cancellation, the following rules shall apply:
- For cancellations before 15th of July, a full refund of your pre-payment shall be made.
- For cancellations between16th of July and 31st of July, a 10% of the total amount for the event will be held.
- For cancellations between 1st and 10th of August, a 25% of the total amount for the event will be held.
- For cancellations, after 11th of August, a 40% of total amount for the event will be held.

For those of you interested to participated in the trekking, please get in contact with us at our email:

Due to limited participations in the North Pindos trekking [only 17 people], it is advisable to register yourself as soon as possible.