Gaga & Yoga

Gaga & Yoga


Start time: Monday 10:00 (18 June)
End time: Friday 18:00 (22 June)


Tao’s Center is happy to present a unique Gaga & Yoga workshop in the island of Paros, Greece.

Gaga & Yoga is a special opportunity to experience movement using two systems – Gaga, as developed by Ohad Naharin & Yoga, taught by Ouvi Lifshitz – that offer methods in which awareness emerges naturally through movement.

Gaga is a new way of gaining knowledge and self-awareness through your body, developed by Ohad Naharin. The Gaga sessions will be led by Ohad Fishof, an interdisciplinary artist working in the fields of sound, dance, performance, and visual art. He is a long-term collaborator with Batsheva Dance Company and has worked closely with choreographer Ohad Naharin.

Yoga by Ouvi Lifshitz is a methodological practice without a method. Being one of Israel’s leading yoga teachers, she teaches yoga practice in an organized-methodological way without belonging to any particular school of yoga.

The 5-day workshop daily schedule includes morning yoga practice, noon & afternoon Gaga sessions, evening meditation, breakfast, lunch and free Island time. On June 17th, 20:00, an open Gaga Intro will take place, free of charge.

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