Everything is possible! Retreat in Greece

Everything is possible! Retreat in Greece


Start time: Thursday 20:00 (07 June)
End time: Sunday 21:00 (10 June)


Come join us at the beautiful island of Alonissos !
Enjoy nature in all its splendour!

Blessed with rugged natural landscapes, and surrounded by small islands scattered around the archipelagos, Alonissos is an island ideal for those you want to unwind and enjoy leisure walks surrounded by pine forests, olive groves and orchards. The island is the most remote of the Northern Sporades island group, and plays host to the National Marine Park of Northern Sporades, a refuge for rare seabirds, dolphins and the Mediterranean monk seal, monachus monachus.

Our retreat takes you on a journey to express your inner child, engaging your body, your feelings and your mind. You become the child again and you experience this connection with all your senses. Everything is possible!

It is a process of releasing, expressing, healing and understanding yourself better.

We frequently trip over the same patterns again and again, unable to change our emotions and behaviors.
By giving space to your inner child you give yourself the opportunity, being in the adult loving consciousness, to open the space and supportive environment for your inner child to express whatever it needs to express.To become more conscious about attitudes that take the life from you and heal them.

It is a beautiful meeting with your inner most pure essence and its different aspects : playfulness, joy,courage, love, trust, being, creativity , among others. Furthermore, this inner healing journey, will help you to enter more easily into the adventure of allowing and accepting whatever there is.

A Summary of the retreat:

- Living next to the sea on an amazing beach and watching beautiful sunsets.
- Daily meditation practice
- Daily Hatha Yoga class
- Conscious movement dance class
- Connecting with the elements of nature
- Shamanic rituals
- Inner Child emotional healing sessions
- Ocean bathing just 100 metres from the house
- Massage, water massage and other healing therapies
- Marine park boat trips and scuba diving available as optional extras.

Nourish and care every day for your most precious asset; YOU

Daily program:
9. - 10.30h. meditation and yoga
10.30.- 11.00h. break for swimming
11.00 – 12.30h. authentic movement, elemental exploration.
17.00h. – 18.00h. sharing in circle.
18.00 – 20h. art therapy, dance, rituals, healing tools

Come join us by the sea!!!
The location is on the amazing beach of Steni Valla, a picturesque fishermen port at the middle east of the island.
We can arrange your staying in one of these 3 amazing different apartments, very close to each other, all 100 metres from the beach.
1. Ilya Suites www.ilyasuites.gr
2. Casa Calypso www.casacalypso.gr
3. Christou houses www.christouhouses.com

In Steni Valla there are cafeterias, tavernas, pizzeria and supermarket very close from the place we stay. You could also cook at home or do a picnic in nature!

Book your seat now! For more information and bookings write us at:

About the facilitators,
Kristina Daugirdaite and Christina Kottori:

"I’m so grateful for having Alonissos island in my life.

I have been asking myself why I’m coming back to this magical place, why it is so special that made me come back 12 summers.

It’s something strong there, the atmosphere, the energy that resonates so much with myself. I could open, be free, natural, wild by nature.

Just walking in a pure pine-tree forest, swimming in the clear waters, dancing everywhere, being alone and breathing the silence helped me to open, to accept, to know, to love myself and the universe.

I felt full of joy and love and I wanted so much to share it with others.

When you want something from the heart, universe always helps by sending the right people at the right time. With Christina, my close Greek friend, we began first to organize drama therapy workshops and after yoga, dance, meditation retreats in the pure nature.

Sharing, dancing, co-creating with resonant souls, it was such a joy that fulfiled my deepest desire. I Felt like the dream of my life came true. Like a little fairy dancing in a woods and spreading love, light, joy, beauty, life…

Last year I couldn’t come cause another big gift came in my life – my daughter Sofia. She is my best teacher, my mirror. Being with Sofia and observing her naturally I want to be more spontaneous, more curious, joyful, sometimes sad, angry, lovely…expressing fully my emotions and it’s such a relief.

So this year I would like to invite you to remember your inner child, to greet, to play, to express totally and to love it. We will dance, play, paint, do crazy spontaneous things and be like we feel in the moment.

My heart fills with joy thinking of returning to this magical island that just simply amazed me in every way! ✨ Will you journey back with me? "

Kristina Daugirdaite
Kristina is a conscious dancer from Lithuania
" I dance on the earth, sky, waters...everywhere and everyday. Dance offers endless possibilities to explore, to feel, to learn, to forget and to remember, to lose and to find myself, to move with and move through all the aspects of the body in the unique dance.
Especially love to move in the nature, to feel united with all the elements and express emotions, feelings through movements, to put energy in a motion. I found it liberating and hear the deep calling from the heart to share with others, to let go, to feel free and express, to pay attention to the way energy moves and develope in a willingness to be real.
After trying different dance techniques and schools I found 5 Rhythms dance created by Gabrielle Roth and felt so familiar, so close to my philosophy of conscious movement.
The 5Rhythms comprise a simple movement practice designed to release the dancer that lives within all of us, no matter what its shape, size, age, limitations and experience. No special skills are required, just a courage and willingness to step onto the dance floor and move with who and how you are movement to movement. To find your dance is to find yourself, at your most fluid and creative. While the practice itself is the essence of simplicity, it has the capacity to catalyse deep healing and creative expression. It can teach us to listen to, trust and learn to follow the wisdom of the body.
I'm on the dance path to become a teacher and the best way to learn is to put in practice and share with others, to be tought by other dancers. Love to listen soul stories expressed through the body language in the beautiful, pure landscapes, that inspires body, soul and mind to create, to let it go and let it be.

With love,

"When I met Alonissos 11 years ago I felt instantly at home.

Alonissos created a safe environment for my radical transformation. Its pure nature provides the best container for esoteric transmutation.

It is the green of the pine trees, the wild goats, the dolphins, the crystal waters, the seals, the quiet and peaceful environment that makes this island so special.

Alonissos has offered me many beautiful memories and has contributed to who I am.

I remember the dancing in nature, milking the goats , boat trips watching the sunrise and the fulmoon, fishing, meeting authentic local kind people, falling in love..

I love Alonissos and can't wait to go back and share this love with you."
Christina Kottori

Christina was born and raised in Athens.She is a Tantrika, Gypsy Fairy, Sacred Space Holder, Magic Spreader,Dancing Awakener.
She is a Priestess of love.
She awakens through the dance and invites us to remember ..
Through her travels around the world she discovered her love for dance and passion for mysticism.
She is a healer and a yoga teacher and through dance she believes we can heal the "broken" parts of the body and the spirit.

Therapeutic tools she has been taught:
Mystical Dance Teacher Training
Temple fusion dance
Yoga Teacher Training, Hatha Vinyasa
Ayurveda Massage, Abayanga
Water Tantra massage, Wataflow
Sexual Shamanism-ISTA International School of Temple Arts
Archeypes of the Ancient Greek Goddesses through Dramatherapy, Vaso Papali
Drama School, Roula Pateraki
Art of Participatory Leadership