EUrope against Human Trafficking

EUrope against Human Trafficking


Start time: Sunday 09:30 (04 March)
End time: Friday 18:45 (11 May)


Human trafficking is a growing problem that transcends national borders. Human trafficking is something that should not be ignored. The project "EUrope Against Human Trafficking", initiated by "Active Youth Denmark" Association has the goal to raise awareness of human trafficking in the partner countries. In this context, future participants will act more consciously, with the sense of responsibility as they face human trafficking. The Youth Exchange aims to show the human rights violations caused by human traffickers and also to increase the number of cooperation between institutions working at prevention of human trafficking.
The project is a Youth Exchange held in Megara, Greece with the proposed dates of 04-03-2018 to 11-03-2018, including a travel day. The project will bring together 46 young individuals and group leaders from Denmark, Greece, Romania, FYROM and Bulgaria. Each group will have 1 leader with no age limit and 7 young people between the ages of 18-30.
The project's activities include tasks based on human trafficking, studying personality situations of human traffickers, informing about human trafficking situation in our country and partner countries, introducing Erasmus + and YouthPass and dissemination activities.
Using method such as ice breakers, outdoor interactive presentation, group work, poster work, brain storming, narration, discussion, simulation, product creation and oral presentation participants will learn the stages of human trafficking, become more sensitive and will find a solution to the problem of human trafficking in themselves or around them. Youngsters will discover the cultures and languages of different countries and since there will be an interaction with other cultures, a self-confidence will be formed by the participants.
Facilitation by : JUNII Association - Florin Ciobanu

**This project is financed by the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects only author’s points of view and the European Commission is not responsible for the information it contains.