EMBO Workshop on DNA replication

EMBO Workshop on DNA replication


Start time: Monday 14:00 (17 September)
End time: Friday 11:00 (21 September)


DNA replication and chromosome segregation must be strictly regulated and coordinated in the cell cycle, to ensure the maintenance of genome integrity across evolution. Significant progress has been made in recent years to decipher the interplay of these critical cellular processes, helped by successful biochemical reconstitution of key steps and technological advances such as single-molecule biophysical analyses, genome­-wide chromatin analyses, high-­resolution imaging and cryo­electron microscopy.

Bringing together scientists working with eukaryotes, bacteria and archaea, and employing complementary methodological approaches, this EMBO Workhshop aims to decipher the common pathways which ensure genome maintenance during the cell division cycle of all organisms and how they may affect cell fate choices. In addition to invited speakers, several speakers will be selected from abstracts.

Topics will include:

Replication origins
Replisome structure and function
Replication-transcription collisions and arrested forks
Replication timing
DNA and chromosome dynamics
3D nuclear organization, chromatin structure and epigenetic regulation
Chromosome condensation and cohesion
Chromosome segregation mechanisms and regulation
Coordination of replication and segregation
Links with cell fate choices