Conference 'Man&Woman'/Конференция проекта 'Мужчина и Женщина'

Conference "Man&Woman"/Конференция проекта "Мужчина и Женщина"


Start time: Sunday 12:00 (20 August)
End time: Sunday 12:00 (27 August)


Main topic of our conference is usually dating between man and woman, relations before the wedding day, during engagement and in marriage. Our main goal is a happy family. We like meeting old and new friends, providing such opportinity for you to meet, spend time together, learn smth new and get unbelievable experience in Greece in great company of believers in God. Special guest this year is Gregory Terry from the USA. Our main speaker is Ihor Matsutsa. As usually we are going to offer sightseeing since we are riding to Greece by our own bus from Lviv, Ukraine. If you are not from Ukraine and/or would like to get on your own - address:
Ouranoupoli Halkidiki
Τκ: 63075
Aristoteles Holiday Resort & Spa