Chania 2 Days Intensive Arts Elements AcroYoga Contact Tour With Mehdi Zidhane

Chania 2 Days Intensive Arts Elements AcroYoga Contact Tour With Mehdi Zidhane


Start time: Saturday 09:00 (09 June)
End time: Sunday 20:00 (10 June)


Κριάρι 40, Chaniá


For the first time the AcroYoga Contact Tour come to Crete in the city of Chanea for 2 days of intensive workshops.

Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to dive into the powerful practices of Yoga, Acrobatics, Healing Arts and Thai massage with highly experienced and sought-after international teacher, Mehdi Zidhane.

Acroyoga has been sweeping the world with its unique approach. It is immediately liked by most everyone who sees it. It speaks clearly to human needs/desires of connection, touch & playfulness.

The workshop is appropriate for people new to the practice as well as intermediate and advanced Acroyogis. The skills learned are valuable for yoga teachers, masseuses, gymnasts, dancers, circus performers and physical therapists alike.

What to expect from the workshops AcroContact:

- Learn in a safe, supportive environment
- Receive guidance from a highly experienced and passionate teachers
- Expand and refine your understanding of the practice
- Learn tools for honest and compassionate communication
- Learn how to use relationships as a mirror for self-reflection and transformation
- Release perceived limitations and explore your highest potential
- Celebrate the joy of play - Get in touch with your inner strength, determination and thoughtfulness


• Spanda Yoga ( healing circle: bath of song, love vortex, sacred dance, spontaneous singing... )

I will have the pleasure to introduce you in the vibration of the Spanda Yoga Celebration

Poetry of mouvement this practice can initiate a free flow liberation for what you feel to expand in the present moment
• Solar session:

- Vinyasa Flow: 3 Elements — strength, flexibility and flow - Partner Yoga: Connection, listening and growth
- The Art of Spotting: How to help others find balance
- Going Upside Down: Find your balance in space
- Solar Explosion: Standing poses, pops and spins, washing machines...

• Lunar session:

- Lunar Vinyasa Flow: Balance, self-healing and harmony - Healing Touch: Finding healing in touch
- Partner Yoga: Connecting and listening
- Therapeutic flow and transitions
- Thai Massage


Workshop Acrobatic & Therapeutic:
Saturday: 10h-14h
Sunday: 10h-13h 18h-21h

Early Price: 120€ before the 30th April 2018
After this date: 160€

Registration and details:
Space is limited to 30 participants. Register early!

Contact us for any questions. We look forward to practicing with you!:)

FB: Mehdi Zidhane
Instagram: acrocontacttour


Concept AcroContact

Furthermore to the encounter of AcroYoga, a discipline which mixes ancestral arts of Yoga – looking for the connection with the inner one, soft Acrobatics to challenge laws of gravity in community, and Thai Massage to take care of the body and calm the spirit, Mehdi is deepening the investigation by integrating new disciplines (contact ball, juggling, circus, tarot, personal development, reiki…).

He has since then initiated the movement of AcroContact to explore bridges between confluences/ inertia/, the science of movement, of Life, in search of Union between the genders and of mutual benefits in the fusion of the styles, what allows to throw(launch) new proposals of expressions such as AcroSalsa, AcroCapoeira, AcroWingchun, AcroPermaculture...

He pursues his path by surrounding himself with a strong and sensitive circle, including people with a positive lifestyle and proactive energies to the project. Complementary on various plans of existence, he get along now with Ola whose practice is inspired by Yoga Circus, Meditation & Photography.
Together they remain opened to new encounters and the unexpected life paths.


About Mehdi Zidhane

Mehdi Zidhane is a healer, poet, performer and eternal traveler inspired by all his destinations.
He was a salsa, contemporary and hip hop dancer before he dived into a personal quest opening his horizons to practices such as yoga, martial arts, circus, theatre, poetry, intuitive healing touch, tantra and tarot.

His teaching and performing experience with AcroContact while traveling over the world, has given him a deep and solid understanding of the essence of our being and our existence in the Universe, in harmony with our innner and outside world.
His goal is to guide his students into an exploration towards unity and infinite passion.

Love Light Peace Joy Harmony

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