Angelic and Crystal Healing Retreat, with Julie Lomas in Greece

Angelic and Crystal Healing Retreat, with Julie Lomas in Greece


Start time: Friday 10:00 (29 June)
End time: Sunday 16:30 (01 July)


Angelic and Crystal Healing Retreat
Lesvos Island Greece
With ‘
Julie Lomas
aided by Frank Arjava Petter

29th June – 1st July

Angels and crystals are amongst us and all around us. Angels are the energy of pure love. They help us in all areas of our lives. Many of us are in touch with them but do not realise it, some just need to learn how to reconnect. Crystals enhance the healing experience and help us to release our emotions, sadness and pain in a pure and vibrational way. Together with the Angel Energies of pure love we will find the joy, happiness and peace we deserve and is our birthright.

With this in mind you are invited to join us in this Healing Retreat with Angels and Crystals and the powerful Energies of the land of Lesvos and the wisdom of her ancestors.

This healing Retreat is about working from deep with our selves, by opening up our heart chakras’ and re-connecting with our inner and higher selves and these beautiful energies of love around us.

We will work together to connect with the Angelic Realms. We will open your own wings and connect to your own Guardian or Guiding Angels.
We will use meditation, visualization, crystals and essences to connect with Archangel Healing Energies, We will do some deep self-healing and clearing work.

The healing and self-exploration of this retreat will have a profound affect upon you, and will leave you with a feeling of love and peace within.
It is open to everyone from every walk of life. Working with the angelic realms will always have a very positive effect on your life.

*Note* You DONOT need to be adept in meditation or visualization to attend or to benefit.

Daily 10am – 430pm
Day 1

Understanding Angels, who or what they are, how they function and work with us and how they can help improve our lives and wellbeing.

Open your heart Chakra and start the process of healing your own heart.
Learn the value of trust in yourself and your intuition.
How to Connect to the healing of the Angelic Realms. Meet with the your Guardian Angel/ Guiding angels and start the deeper connection

1.15 pm Lunch

3pm – Archangel Gabriel - Healing, awakening and growing your Intuition with Archangel Gabriel the great communicator.

Experience his healing energies and gifts of hope, happiness and guidance to awake your inner self.
Healing and expansion of your intuition with Crystals

Day 2

Experience and Open your own wings an extension of your heart.
Meet and Heal with the Energies of Archangel Michael – to help you eradicate your fears and infuse you with courage and love. He is the great protector and guider of light.
Crystal healing webs to enhance your healing.

1.15pm Lunch

3pm – Group Visit to Archangel Michaels Shrine,

AA Michael is the Guardian of Lesvos Island.
Meditation and experience the healing and protective energies of the land and of AA Michael at the Shrine. Powerful, peaceful, connection.

Day 3

Archangel Uriel – The Angel of Truth, Forgiveness, Emotional Harmony and Mental Clarity
Work on Forgiveness and your Dharma, for this lifetime. Bring peace and wisdom to your life, release yourself from confusion.
Healing and release with a powerful crystal web.
Archangel Auriel - Meditate and connect with Archangel Auriel and Moonstones to help illuminate your path through life and re-connect to your Moon Angel

130pm Lunch

3pm - Archangel Raphael
Healing with the Healing energies of Archangel Raphael who is the Angel of healing – to help heal your physical body and your emotional body, improve your relationship with yourself to shed your inner demons.
Crystal Healing with Web of crystals

Finale - Invocation of the 7 Great Archangels connection and healing. Sharing and Receiving unconditional Love

4.30pm Close

Date : 29th June – 1st July
Venue : Skalla, Lesvos Island Greece
Time : 10am – 430pm
Cost : Single Room - 625/- Early Bird 525/Euro’s paid in full by 30th April 2018
Twin Share : 565/- Euro’s per person – Early Bird 465/- Euros paid in full by 30th April.

A non refundable Deposit of 100/- Euros secures your booking.
Full Payment by 31st May 2018
*NOTE* It is Peak season in Lesvos and Rooms are at a premium, Book early to avoid disappointment

We can book extra nights for you either side of the retreat dates. These usually need to be paid in advance as it is peak season.

Cost Includes :
• 2 nights accommodation from 29th June – 1st July inclusive At Victoria’s or Sister Apartments. Skalla. Beautiful, Traditional simple, spotlessly clean, air conditioned and welcoming. 2minutes Walking distance to the Beach
• Daily Lunch at the retreat.
• Daily Transport from Skalla to the retreat location, (set in an Olive Grove overlooking the sea ).
• Trip to Archangel Michaels Shrine.

Not Included : Breakfast – from experience people prefer to find their own breakfast at the many beautiful cafes in the village.
Evening Meals, Laundry, Alcohol

Transport from Mytilini Airport to Eressos, Skalla. (can be arranged at a reasonable cost just ask )

Airfares from your homeland, Visas,

Reservations –
Payment – Bank Transfer or Paypal. Details given at time of booking.

For more information on Julie and her work visit her website