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ACE Fitness: Programming for Clients Affected by Obesity

ACE Fitness: Programming for Clients Affected by Obesity

Saturday 09:00 (09 June)
Komotiní, Greece, Komotiní

ACE Fitness Sports Conditioning Workshop

ACE Fitness Sports Conditioning Workshop


Start time: Saturday 09:00 (19 May)
End time: Saturday 18:00 (19 May)


Sports conditioning workouts featuring advanced drills continue to rise in popularity, but some people are concerned they may not be appropriate for all clients. This interactive, hands-on workshop addresses the science of sports conditioning and explores a systematic approach to designing programs. Learn the skill-related parameters of fitness including balance, agility, coordination, speed, reactivity and power, and how to tailor drills to specific population groups. Explore appropriate progressions in intensity, complexity and movement suitable to specific skill and conditioning levels.

You will learn:
• Key considerations for developing sports conditioning programs
• To conduct a specific needs assessment before designing sports conditioning workouts
• Design, demonstrate and cues for appropriate skill- and conditioning-level drills, exercises and movement patterns that address all parameters of fitness

Please note that there are no pre-requisite reading requirements for the Sports Conditioning Workshop.

This course is approved for 0.8 ACE CECs and is also approved by NFPT, NCSF and ACSM for Continuing Education Hours.

For registration questions, please call ACE’s Educational Services Team at 800-825-3636 ext. 782.

For more information, please visit: https://www.acefitness.org/education-and-resources/professional/continuing-education/course/4a5x763y/sports-conditioning-workshop