8 Days Dynamic Yoga Retreat Chania, Crete

8 Days Dynamic Yoga Retreat Chania, Crete


Start time: Friday 14:00 (13 October)
End time: Friday 12:00 (20 October)


Blue Dome Hotel
Platanias, Chania, Crete, Greece, Chaniá


8 Days Dynamic Yoga Retreat at Blue Dome Hotel, Crete - Greece

Join this dynamic yoga retreat and reveal your inner power! You will enjoy the benefits of yoga through everyday breathing and dynamic yoga practices along with the Cretan therapeutic and revitalizing energy. We believe that anyone deserves time for a little pampering. Τhis is the time for you to enjoy yourself, forget your worries, and get closer to your inner senses!

Yoga poses, breathing practices, swimming in the crystal clear waters, lying in the sandy warm beaches; sunbathe enjoying the positive effects of photosynthesis, staying in a location open to the Mediterranean Sea, letting you breath pure and refreshing oxygen! All these can leave you feeling calmer and “cleaner” on the inside and amazingly energetic on the outside!

~ Highlights ~
- 7 Nights accommodation at Blue Dome Hotel, Platanias village
- Daily morning and evening Yoga practice with great view of the sunrise and sunset
- Pranayama practice (breathing exercises)
- Yoga practices at the beach right in front of the hotel
- Traditional Cretan breakfast and dinner
- Swim, enjoy the sun, relax, breathe
- Professional & Experienced Yoga Instructor

Platanias is one of the famous villages of the west coast of the island of Crete. Apart from enjoying the hotel’s beach and pool, you can make daily tours in the country side, cherishing the everyday local life but also the beautiful landscape! There are plenty of things to do and to discover! You can start with a simple walk in the village and continue along the E4 Hiking path. You can visit the impeccable Lake of Kourna, the beach of Elafonisi, one of the most famous in Crete, protected by “NATURA 2000” or other numerous world famous coasts like Balos, Falasarna beach, Gramvousa island etc.

**** The instructor pays attention to each and everyone’s special needs, thus a beginner can coincide with an intermediate or advanced participant ****

Yoga Retreat Instructor: Panos Kontogiorgos

For booking: www.yogaincrete.com/product/fitness-yoga-retreat-at-blue-dome-hotel-chania" rel="nofollow">https://www.yogaincrete.com/product/fitness-yoga-retreat-at-blue-dome-hotel-chania

For more information: www.yogaincrete.com

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