8 Days Asthanga Yoga Sadhana Training Retreat Crete, Greece

8 Days Asthanga Yoga Sadhana Training Retreat Crete, Greece


Start time: Friday 14:00 (13 October)
End time: Friday 12:00 (20 October)


8 Days Asthanga Yoga Sadhana Training in Crete, Greece

Yoga in Crete invites you to combine your holidays with yoga training as it can be a perfect way to escape, feel free from your everyday obligations, and evolve in one of your favorite activities. The goal is to come closer to nature, to your inner senses, to your own self-awareness, and to advance your knowledge and practice both in asana and Pranayama, while enjoying your holidays at a dreamy traditional Cretan Inn at Sempronas village, in the county of Chania, Greece.

~ Highlights ~
- 7 Nights accommodation in a historical traditional Cretan Inn at Sebronas mountainous village
- Daily morning and sunset Yoga practice
- Daily Pranayama practice (breathing exercises)
- Nada yoga practice with Sitar live music
- Trekking excursion into Agia Irini Gorge
- Swim at the famous Sougia beach
- Walking into the chestnut forests, enjoying springs of Sebroniotis river.
- Vegetarian meals inspired by the Cretan cuisine
- Professional In-house Chef
- Professional & Experienced Yoga Instructor

During this retreat, you will have the chance to practice daily Pranayama (breathing exercises) and regular and advanced Ashtanga yoga classes. This is a dedicated program to strengthening your foundations and enhancing your self-awareness and self-esteem! To experience the benefits of equally co-existing with nature, of practicing yoga in a completely natural environment, to feel the difference between your right and left the side, and try to bring balance between them! To envision and successfully combine the movement of breath throughout the various asanas increasing your inner warmth and energy while enjoying the benefits of yoga physically and mentally.

Throughout your stay, you can enjoy walking into the chestnut forests, discovering the area surrounding the Sebrona’s Inn as there are several walking paths available connecting the Inn with the main village, passing by the old stoned-houses and other places worth for sightseeing. Within approximately 40 minutes walking you can also enjoy swimming into the river in Prasés area. You can meditate, take a nap, read a book, relax and rejuvenate!

**** The instructor pays attention to each and everyone’s special needs, thus a beginner can coincide with an intermediate or advanced participant ****

Yoga Retreat Instructor: Nektarios Mitritsakis

For bookings: www.yogaincrete.com/product/asthanga-vinyasa-yoga-sadhana-training-retreat-at-sebronas-village-chania-crete" rel="nofollow">https://www.yogaincrete.com/product/asthanga-vinyasa-yoga-sadhana-training-retreat-at-sebronas-village-chania-crete

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8 Days Escape Yoga Holiday Crete, Greece

8 Days Escape Yoga Holiday Crete, Greece

Friday 14:00 (25 August)
Sémpronas, Greece, Sémpronas