5 Days Vinyasa Root Yoga Retreat in South Crete, Greece 2018

5 Days Vinyasa Root Yoga Retreat in South Crete, Greece 2018


Start time: Saturday 14:00 (21 July)
End time: Wednesday 12:00 (25 July)


5 Days Vinyasa Root Yoga Retreat in South Crete, Greece 2018

This is a dream place…!

A place that you could be imagining as a kid, under the subtle candle-light, while your mind would be creating stories inspired by myths, history and fairytales!
Throughout your stay and in between your meals and classes, you can enjoy walking and discovering the area surrounding the Oneirema Natural Retreat Camp. You can walk to the river and into the chestnut forest, you can meditate, take a nap, read a book while glazing to the horizon, you can explore and take care of the biodegradable garden along with the local specialists.

In a world where everything is happening in a pace of a race, where disturbance, isolation and outdistance of one’s own self seems to be promoted, we created this 8 Days Restorative Yoga Therapy Retreat in a dream place like the Oneirema Natural Retreat Camp located in the woods, next to a river at the foothills of the White Mountains in the county of Chania, Crete.

We wish you to experience your holidays in a very unique way at a very unique and natural place. Our goal is for you to come closer to nature, to your inner senses, to your own self-awareness, to remember and realize that breath isn’t something we shall take for granted, but something to be grateful and conscious about! To strengthen and enhance your inner dynamism, strength and self-confidence, to bring harmony and balance among your body and mind, logic and sentiment! To let you dream like a dreamer and envision your life as fruitfully as possible.

~ Highlights ~
~4 Nights’ accommodation in Tipis Indian tents and an old chestnut storehouse
~Everyday morning and sunset Vinyasa Yoga practice
~Pranayama practice (breathing exercises)
~Yoga, breathing and meditation under Gong Bath sounds with the trees all around you and the starry sky above you
~Walking by the river and through the Chestnut forest
~Swim at the famous Sougia beach
~A surprise event organized especially for you
~Vegetarian meals inspired by the Cretan cuisine
~Professional In-house Chef
~Professional & Experienced Yoga Instructor

**** The instructor pays attention to each and everyone’s special needs, thus a beginner can coincide with an intermediate or advanced participant ****

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