2018 Vouliagmeni Summer Gathering

2018 Vouliagmeni Summer Gathering


Start time: Saturday 18:00 (21 July)
End time: Saturday 12:00 (28 July)


From the evening 21st to midday 28th of July 2018 we offer you a week of self-development workshops in a leisurely holiday atmosphere. Yes, some workshops will take place at the beach.
We are Jasper De Rycker and Anders Hedén Ädel (together: Dolphins Inc), gracefully supported by Ida Nilsson, Nina Primožič and Kira Röll.
Dolphins Inc. have worked together since 2014 in Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Austria, Sweden and Slovenia serving emo-mental tools in a light, deep and humorous atmosphere.

We will offer workshops where you'll be able to genuinely share what’s going on in you, to balance your needs with the needs of others and to act from your values even if you “don’t feel like it”.
Dolphins Inc looks at these workshops as a set of tools. We use the word tools on purpose because we want to stress that they are a far cry from an emo-mental quick-fix but which, if applied regularly, can develop your inner world.
In an open space technology we also kindly welcome every participant to offer any workshop of her or his own during the week. At the daily morning gathering workshops offerings will be presented by quickly describing what the workshop is about, where and when it will take place and for whom it is intended.

Practically, we’ll be located in an apartment in the seaside town of Vouliagmeni, Greece. It’s close to Athens and even closer to Athens’ international airport.
You will have to take care of your own lodgings nearby but, at first glance, the amount of available Airbnb’s and similar lodgings is staggering. Food too we will not provide you with. Impromptu shared meals, picnics at the beach, ... let’s see what kind of unforeseen gatherings take place.

Sociocratic, egalitarian gatherings are a true blessing for all participants. But only if everyone involved can enjoy basic physical and emotional freedom. To make sure this freedom is safeguarded we’ve drawn up a code of conduct. We will ask you to sign this code before participating to any workshop.

The cost to partake in this gathering is € 50. You find the registration form in the link underneath.