1st Aegean Summer Psychodrama Rencontre

1st Aegean Summer Psychodrama Rencontre


Start time: Friday 18:00 (24 August)
End time: Friday 21:00 (31 August)



Aegean Sea and Sun Days of Spontaneity and Surplus reality
An exploratory journey in search of the authentic self.
Traveling with psychodrama as the vessel and being steered by spontaneity in the ocean of surplus reality.
Loyalty and rebellion in trans-generational and cultural scripts.
My ancestors and I and future generations in eros (love) and evolution, realization and tracing new paths.
Lesvos, GREECE

24-25-26 August 2018
Friday evening: Opening ceremony
Saturday and Sunday: Experiential workshops (8 hours per day)

27-28-29-30-31 August 2018
Monday evening: Second cycle encounter meeting
Experiential four hour workshops
Friday: Closing Ceremony
 Official languages: English and Greek
 Certificate of attendance will be provided
Nena Vlassa, psychologist, psychodramatist-psychotherapist, psychodrama trainer
Agapi Kousteni, psychologist, psychodramatist-psychotherapist

Contact us:
A.PS.I.: (0030)2106980860
Nena Vlassa: (0030)6974093400 nvlassa@yahoo.gr
Agapi Kousteni: (0030)6982550304 ewthini@yahoo.gr